Therapeutic Interventions, Inc (TI) provides:

Opioid Maintenance Therapy to opiate addicted patients.

A climate beneficial to the development of a confidential therapeutic relationship.

Therapeutic Interventions, Inc (TI) is dedicated to:
Improving the quality of life for the patients we serve.

Therapeutic Interventions, Inc (TI) engages patients to:
Focus on recovery goals directed toward enhancing the patient’s ability to cope with major life tasks.

Mission and Focus

Therapeutic Interventions, Inc (TI)’s mission is to provide assistance to patients with substance abuse problems, helping them break the cycle of abuse and addiction to intoxicants.

Therapeutic Interventions focus is to specifically serve adult patients (17 year olds with parental permission) who are dependent from illicit use of street drugs or patients out of control use of pain management medications

Secondary Goals:

–  Reduction of the risk of infection, spread through intravenous, intramuscular and subcutaneous use of drugs, foremost among these being HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C, STD’s and Tuberculosis.
–  Cessation of criminal behavior frequently associated with illicit drug use.
–  Interruption of the process of deterioration of social, occupational, familial and economic functioning due to illicit drug use.
–  Prevention of the process of cross-addiction to alcohol and other drugs.
–  Developing coping skills internally without reliance on psychoactive substances.




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